Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ROT IN HELL 'ruined empire' CD/CASS/ETC

made a POST a couple months ago with details from the art and layout i did for the new ROT IN HELL "ruined empire" collection LP. not only is the band incredible and incredibly prolific, but they also have their limited merchandising game turned up way past 11. i recently received a box with the limited smoke colored vinyl of the record, a test press in a screen printed cover, and a mess of other stuff. the cd version came from the equally enigmatic GROT label and has the same art/layout at the LP, save for being in CD format and with one extra panel in the booklet. the cassette version is the same and came in a cool VHS style box that i'd never seen before. the package also contained slipmats with the re-worked 4R logo i did for them and the circle of paws image from the back cover of the album. and finally some embroidered patches, enamel pins, and a shirt. it's been a real pleasure working on so many different projects with ROT IN HELL over the years. with how much time and effort might go into any individual piece of art, it's really nice to see how many miles they're able to get out of any of it as well.