Wednesday, May 28, 2014

will boone at karma

long friend WILL BOONE has a really impressive installation currently up at KARMA in new york. perhaps known better in certain circles for his zines and the work he's done for bands like total abuse and the ropes, will's prime motivations have always been more within the realm of fine art. never shy to try new things, his work has visually covered a lot of ground, all the while maintaining a very distinctive and identifiable voice. this current installation showcases an even further evolution. see more/better pics in the 'projects' section of the gallery's SITE, as well as dates, location, and hours.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

DJ RASHAD - 'WE ON 1' 12"ep

in a departure from the hardcore/punk/metal design stuff that i've worked on with some regularity, i had the opportunity to do some art and a layout for DJ RASHAD and the new SOUTHERN BELLE RECORDINGS label. albeit with my usual visual spin. a fixture in the chicago house/electronic scene for some impressive number of years, a quick google search will tell you that rashad unfortunately passed right around the time this record was coming out. making this possibly his last release. available now from the label and the expected distros.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

mark flood - IAF/ANS

just got back from new york where we attended the openings of MARK FLOOD's 'insider art fair' and 'available nasdaq symbol' shows, each on respective floors of the zach feuer gallery. some may know mark as being the voice of first wave texas punk/experimental band CULTURCIDE in a previous life. for anyone unfamiliar with his visual art, see even more photos (if you can believe it) and reviews HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


just sent these covers that i did the art and screening for to DIESONG. designed to house the test presses of the forthcoming SWALLOWING BILE 'secluded' LP. edition of 15, printed in metallic silver ink on 100lb cover, hand scored and folded. click images to enlarge for detail.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


just did another tshirt design for arizona's TERRITORY. this time in preparation for the release of a new 7". here is the final colored version as well as the original paper layout. a new song from the 7" is up now on their bandcamp, as well as contact for merch, records, etc.

YOUTH & RUST zines

did a short interview for canadian zine YOUTH & RUST not too long ago. talking about art, graffiti, music, and design. just got some copies in the mail and was pleased to discover a couple of extras in the package. including the limited cover for the COLUMN OF HEAVEN 'holy things...' 7" that Y & R did and another zine collecting fliers they've done over the last handful of years. looking through the back catalog, it shouldn't have been any surprise that we both did posters for the BOLT THROWER show at chaos in tejas last year. equally nice was that everything arrived in a screened envelope. more from Y & R HERE.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

ROT IN HELL 'ruined empire' LP

another one for ROT IN HELL. i did the art and layout for this new 'ruined empire' LP a little while back. after waiting in the queue for a short bit, it was just released on record store day by ORGANIZED CRIME. similar to the 'hallways of the always' LP, 'ruined empire' is a collection of rare 7", split, and compilation tracks that have come out since 'hallways...' and the 'as pearls before swine' LP. and as such i tried to keep the artwork somewhat consistent with what i did for 'hallways...'. album features 13 tracks ranging from the metallic cleveland hardcore sound that put them on the map, to the more psychedelic folk stuff the band has been experimenting with lately. true to their historic form of being cryptic and somewhat elusive, there is little info on the ROT IN HELL bandcamp or store. i'd assume pressing info and availability could be found on the OCR site.