Friday, August 17, 2012

RvEvv 'MMXII' preview

collaborative release between SISSTER SSOUND and STRIVVE RECORDINGS. coming september 22nd. details soon.


our friend christopher (formerly of HANG THE BASTARD, currently of MINE) recently launched his own label, CULT CULTURE, and asked me to do some lettering/logoing for him. should be launching with a cassette release of the first MINE recordings.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

BLACK COFFEE release show

the homie denniz sent me this flier. BLACK COFFEE will playing their official CASS/7" release show on the 18th down in houston.

oathbreaker flier

did this hand design for OATHBREAKER a little while back for a tshirt. not sure if they ever got the shirts done but the payment cleared. good to see they've gotten some use out of the design either way. saw this flier pop up on the internet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BLACK COFFEE cassette (SS007)

new TXHC band featuring members of older TXHC bands playing even older sounding music. somewhere in the vein of early DC hardcore mixed with negative approach, while still maintaining an independent voice and keeping current. somehow more punk even if that makes sense at all. engineered by william hesser, who over a handful of recent years has become the houston recording go-to guy, BLACK COFFEE features members that have served time in such previous acts as the burden, your mistake, and street dogs, to name a few. this cassette version is released by SISSTER SSOUND (SS007) in a limited edition of 80 to go along with the DEATH EXCLAMATIONS release of the 7" vinyl. cassette features the same 6 songs as the vinyl (five originals and a cover), but also includes a bonus live song not featured on the 7". all art and layout by GIVE UP. available NOW in the sissterssound WEBSTORE.


when mike finger asked me to do a poster for GROWN FEST 6 it wasn't a thing i could really turn down. already had the skeleton together from a previous poster that didn't pan out. so i was able to re-scan my original elements and knock this one out pretty quick. leave anything you can't see broken at home for this one, check your glasses at the door.

Friday, August 3, 2012

COLUMN OF HEAVEN 'mission from god' 12"

recently finished the art/layout for the new COLUMN OF HEAVEN lp from SPHC. couldn't be happier with the final product or the opportunity to work with these guys. features members of THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, mixing grind/power violence/hardcore with elements of noise and sound manipulation and samples. album of the year. listen to COLUMN OF HEAVEN HERE. buy this record from sissterssound HERE.


tshirt design i did for COLUMN OF HEAVEN (and subsequent tattoo there from). word travels fast.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

STRIVVE #4 comp

contributed a new HORDERS song to the STRIVVE #4 compilation. released in a hyper limited number on RvEvv's own STRIVVE label. new RvEVV "MMXII" cassette coming in september from SISSTERSSOUND RECORDINGS.


did the artwork for this collaborative deck for ROT IN HELL by IRON COLUMN SKATES. strictly limited to only 100, each deck comes with a 3" cd of an unreleased RIH song in a wax-sealed cover, as well as a canvas GIVE UP patch. just got mine in the mail yesterday, not sure about availability otherwise. heard these were going quick.


recently did this shirt design for TERRITORY from arizona. to go a long with their "sic semper tyrannis" LP release on ESCAPIST RECORDS. both are available for purchase now at the respective links.


did this design for MOUTHEATER several years ago. the guys recently started playing some shows again and had a few more printed up. available now at SWIM HARDER.