Saturday, June 30, 2012

ODESSA 'old believers' tshirts

limited edition tshirts for instrumental atmospheric black metal 3 piece ODESSA. two-color screen print on regular fit 100% cotton tshirts. pro printed using plastisol ink. shirt features the artwork from the long SOLD OUT self-titled cassette on SISSTER SSOUND (ss003).

available now in the NEW sissterssound WEBSTORE.

stream/download the songs from the s/t release at

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i didn't pre-order the new HORSEBACK album and was kind of sweating it because i was really worried the first press would sell out before i could get my hands on it. lucked out and grabbed it the day the record store put it on the shelf. but honestly, didn't fall in love with it compared to their previous albums. i've been giving it a few more spins since and want to take that back now. it's really fucking good.

in SISSTER SSOUND news: the COLUMN OF HEAVEN album i did the cover for on SPHC should be back from the plant soon. the STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES cassette (SS006) is at the plant right now. ODESSA shirts should be ready any minute really. finishing up covers for the upcoming RVEVV: MMXII tape, co-released by sisster ssound and strivve recordings. as well as two other releases we're still hammering out details on. should be getting a sisster ssound specific webstore and facebook going soon too. big things, stay posted.

heavy rotation at the moment: locrian, ktl, nibiru, power trip, scott kelly, jethro tull, deafheaven.

HORDERS 'fimbluvetr' LP/CASS

just got copies of the HORDERS 'fimbulvetr' album in from FEAST OF TENTACLES and PRAIRIE FIRE TAPES, respectively. the first official full length from my personal aural project. featuring 14 tracks melding elements of harsh noise, ambient drone, and sampling with acoustic picking and metal. all design and layout by GIVE UP, naturally. available now from the labels as well as in the GIVE UP store directly.

preview samples of this and other HORDERS recordings at

Monday, June 18, 2012

mail call

did a little swap with the fine folks over at CVLT NATION and look what popped up in the mail the other day. nice.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Thursday, June 14, 2012


recently wrapped up this tshirt design for seattle based hardcore/crust/death crossover act PARASITIC SKIES. not sure exactly when these will be available in the real world, but hopefully soon. talking to the guys, they're currently booking out shows. check the sound HERE.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

black clouds on the horizon

near futures. sisster ssound recordings 006. SOAFOB. coming soon.

mating season for goons

new from calico grounds. writings from william cody watson. the coming together of friends in common with favorable results. the back cover embossing is a real nice touch. content and presentation, A+.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

BREAK TIME cassette (SS005)

the fifth official release from SISSTER SSOUND RECORDINGS takes a bit of a departure from previous or projected label directions. the brain child of nick lombard (perhaps best known in certain circles for his time spent in gulf coast grindcore outfit 50/50 and GAY MARRIAGE) BREAK TIME is the perfect response to nick's true musical interest. producing a mess of songs that could easily be the modern result of the mating of early kinks, the jam, and the undertones without relying too heavily on any. at times more pop, at times more punk, but always following a sort of mod rock direction. featuring female lead vocals and incorporating organs in the best way possible, nick has stepped out from behind the drum kit for this project to pick up the lead guitar. leaving percussion duties to alex hughes (HATRED SURGE, IRON AGE, etc). cassette features 8 songs at just under 15 minutes and is produced in an extremely limited edition of only 30 pieces.

COUP DE GRACE zine (1986)

annual check-up zine from COUP DE GRACE records, circa 1986. B&W with a screen printed construction paper cover. i've had this for several years now, but have never read it. can't seem to get past how impressive i find the design and layout to to actually process the words. gift from the collection of perry webb.

black feud 2XCASS

recently received this BLACK FEUD double cassette package in the mail from the man himself RvEvv. released on his own STRIVVE RECORDINGS label, BLACK FEUD is a bit of a departure from the previous RvEvv stuff but with a clear thread of consistency and familiarity woven throughout. harsh, droning, and apocalyptic, but at the same time very accessible. if perhaps only for those versed in the sonically caustic. tapes came housed in some elaborate packaging with plenty of extras.