Monday, November 26, 2012

prairie fire/dub ditch mail call

chris from PRAIRIE FIRE TAPES (responsible for the HORDERS 'fimbulvetr' cassette and the PINK PRIEST split cassette, among others) and DUB DITCH PICNIC, respectively, just sent me a whole mess of new tapes. heavy digestion to ensue here. thanks chris. find out more about these and others at his sites HERE and HERE.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

BREAK TIME "pony tail" video

BREAK TIME just released a video, shot entirely with VHS recorders, for their song "pony tail" from the now out of print tape on SISSTER SSOUND. physical copies of the cassette are long gone, but you can still download this and the rest of the songs off their bandcamp page HERE.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


just wrapped up and sent off these letters and tshirt design for northern california's AT OUR HEELS. ordering info, music, and tour dates available on their SITE.

MINE tshirt

another one for MINE. this time i re-worked an image from an older GIVE UP print to be more suitable for a tshirt. info on purchase soon at CULT CULTURE.


recently finished tshirt design for UK based label HEMLOCK 13. should be available for a christmas release. more HERE as the time comes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

sutekh hexen

been on pretty heavy rotation the past handful of months. picked up 'luciform' first, and the others as i stumbled across them. a little late to the party i'm sure. slept too hard on the first pressing of the 'shadows' 7" and missed the boat. i'm aware of a handful of other 7"s and cassettes, but a little reluctant to go down the google/discogs rabbit hole as it will probably just hurt my feelings. if anyone has anything other than those pictured here and are interested in trading message me at

full plate

currently working on new stuff for ROT IN HELL, MINE, STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES, WORMLUST, AT OUR HEELS, and BLACK COFFEE. more updates as designs get finished/approved.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

mail call - cvlt nation

traded a print for this DOOM hat from CVLT NATION a minute back and it just came in the mail. good looking out guys. thanks!

okay, i'll bite

pretty clever marketing. especially considering most people will probably just rip this (or any other record) off the internet anyway. i liked "prowler..." a lot. and i liked "terrifier". by the time "phantom limb" came out it didn't really hit so hard for me, so i wasn't sure exactly what to expect with this one. gave it a spin and i'm kind of feeling it. a little different. made me go back and listen to a few tracks off "phantom limb" again to kind of get a feel for the progression. which ultimately made me appreciate both that and this a little more.