Monday, November 25, 2013

horders // the way to light

new web/digital only collaborative song from HORDERS and THE WAY TO LIGHT. produced to coincide with the split release coming december 2013 on DIE SONG.

video execution by GIVE UP and HALLOW HAVEN DESIGN.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

lethal R&M

about to start some letters and a CD layout for new anthemic southern rap group LETHAL R&M. which may be a little strange looking back at the type of bands i've done visuals for historically. possibly even stranger when considering that one half of the group is ribs from iron age, ancient vvisdom, etc. don't expect some e town concrete or boxcutter type stuff here though. i heard a rough mix of the album and emcee is delivering true southern RAP. more soon.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


mentioned working on this project in previous posts. just received physical copies in the mail. CARRION SUNFLOWER and KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE split cassette and tshirt. while the respective bands already had their own working logos, i provided the artwork for the tape and shirt, as well as assembling the final jcard layout. the full package is really impressive, including an embroidered edge patch, sunflower seed, sterile scalpel blade, and cards. all contained with the tape in a black fitted zip-seal bag. available now individually and as tape/shirt packages from OUTSIDER ART.


just put together this poster for the upcoming film BETTER THE DEVIL. slated to be used in both web and ground promotion, a 24" x 18" screen printed edition is being offered in a limited print run of 40 - only available to the film's kickstarted contributors. click HERE to see more and find out how to donate.

Friday, November 1, 2013

more MINE

more stuff for/from MINE. just got a package in the mail with this tshirt i designed for them and a copy of their new 12" ep. the homie MICHAEL JENSEN shot the cover for the record, while i took care of the lettering. another split label/split format release. this time with the vinyl coming from HOLY ROAR and the cassette edition on CULT CULTURE. thanks chris.