Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013


went by DOMY BOOKS the other day to drop off copies of my new art ZINE, and while i was there bucky put me up on the new issue of ANP.  it seems they're really started to straddle the line more between high and low since their inception.  leaning more toward an attempted high and high concept  in recent issues, at least per my taste.  but this latest copy, among other things, has a really great article on L.A. punk gangs of the '80s.  really good stuff.


more tapes.  i did the cover art and layout for this RED RIVER FAMILY black metal cassette comp a short minute back and was more than happy to recently receive a physical copy.  RED RIVER FAMILY really hit the ground running as far as launching the label, and look to have quite a bit on the horizon.  seemingly mostly within the raw, more straight forward spectrum of black metal.  but this comp definitely has something to cover most tastes within the genre.

they also sent me a copy of this MOLLEHOJ cassette they did thats just great.  order/download these and others from the RED RIVER FAMILY store HERE.

stagnant youth

more tapes.  hank just gave me this cassette for his new band STAGNANT YOUTH.  recorded completely analog by hanz zimmerman.  raw and dirty d-beat hardcore stuff.  this one will more than likely end up on my best of 2013 list at the end of the year.  download from their bandcamp page HERE.  not sure how to get a physical copy outside of a show.