Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RVEVV 'MMXI' tape (SS002)

after several digital releases, SISSTER SSOUND is pleased to present the first physical release from the UK's own RVEVV. featuring 6 tracks in just under 45 minutes, the MMXI tape starts with a slow burn before building into a crushing wall of mountainous drone. guitar driven and interspersed with minimal samples, flirting with mixes of both ambient and caustic noise, all while weaving a thread of the HOLY TERROR "sound" throughout.
cassettes come packaged in a custom cut, sealed, screen printed chipboard box with three separate insert cards, 1" buttons, and digital download code. designed, printed, and assembled by GIVE UP in line with with the RVEVV concept. produced in a limited edition of 60, with the first 20 available in alternative packaging by RVEVV himself. available HERE now.

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