Thursday, February 11, 2016


was talking not too long ago with mark from NINTH INNING about some upcoming plans he has. with regard to expanding the kind of traditional, classic baseball look he's built his street wear brand upon. keeping baseball the central focus, but doing collaborations with different artists and different aesthetics. image-wise this isn't too far outside of my wheelhouse so it was a lot of fun to work their existing logo into something i'd probably do anyway. stoked this final design got approved and signed off on. i'm not sure if they've announced a release date yet, but i'm sure you can check the status on their SITE.


don't get the opportunity to do design work outside of certain specific arenas all that often (hardcore, metal, skateboarding, etc). but it's exciting to get to apply some art toward something that, by tradition or established scene aesthetic, maybe my "voice" wouldn't necessarily be expected to fit. this is actually the second album i've done for EDM label SOUTHERN BELLE, after also doing their logo. started working on this one what seems like almost a year ago now, just recently got a couple of physical copies in the mail. stoked to have had the chance to work with them again as well as to see how the finished product came together in hand.