Wednesday, April 13, 2011


getting ready for the next big move. they seem to be coming with some frequency lately. in the process of packing i came across a handful of older records, posters, and tshirts that i'd done for various bands that for relevance or whatever other reason never got shared on my other personal art site. also got a new external hard drive and while transferring stuff onto it from my computer found a few original scans of art/design work i'd done for some bands/labels that i never actually got a copy of the album/shirt/etc from. once i get settled i'll dig this stuff back out of boxes to molest here.


gotten to do a bit of work with HANG THE BASTARD. just finished the layout for this tour poster with DOPEFIGHT. also recently sent off the finished layout for the re-release of the HANG THE BASTARD/ABOLITION split 7". will post photos once i get physical copies of both the tour poster and vinyl in.

black to comm

sure i've posted this video before, still an incredible album.

nolan ryan


did the art and layout for this CUT SHORT/BURDENS split 7" on GTR i think toward the end of 2009. not exactly sure when it actually came out, but think i got my copy toward summer of 2010. pretty sure i posted on my other site then, but thought it was relevant to post it here now as well.

horders/pink priest split cassette

after posting that GREMLYNZ cassette, thought i should post this layout i did for the PINK PRIEST split with HORDERS that PRAIRIE FIRE put out not that long ago.

Monday, April 11, 2011


today's cassette score. GREMLYNZ, courtesy of BATHETIC.

hierophant tour poster

just wrapped up this tour poster design for italy's HIEROPHANT. set up 18"x24" with a write-in blank for the venues and space for sponsor logos, as per request. not exactly sure how they're having them printed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

putrid X black eye skate shop

when our buddy josh opened BLACK EYE SKATE SHOP in austin he had definite ideas about the shop's visual representation. i was stoked to get to do some work with him, but i know he was even more excited about having PUTRID do his shop boards. unfortunately black eye didn't get to live the long life we all would have wanted, and has since closed it's doors. if you didn't get a chance to get your hands on one of these boards, i wouldn't know the status today. best of luck in the future, josh. (click images to enlarge)

worms of the earth

barry smith/tim conrad. savage sword of conan, 1976. check the lettering and grass. click to enlarge. (1976!)

as pearls before swine

did some artwork for the new ROT IN HELL album 'as pearls before swine' that ended up not getting used for the proper release, but instead as a limited record release show LP cover.

this video still i shot and text i set did end up making the gatefold of the proper release.

as well as the original cover art getting used in the insert.

the new album is available now from DEATHWISH INC(who also did t-shirts of the limited cover), ROT IN HELL directly, and the usual distributors you might expect. although the record release LP covers were limited to a numbered 50 and i'm pretty sure are all long gone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hallways of the always

mike just sent me one of these really nice windbreakers that ROT IN HELL had made using some of the art i did for their 'hallways of the always' album a little while back, so i thought i'd share some of the original layout here before posting the art from their new 'as pearls before swine' album.

vinyl came out on A389 in the US, and the CD version came out courtesy of GROT in the UK. CRIME SCENE printed shirts of the cover art. and the band has stuff directly, but for some reason right now i can't get their store's site to open. but i'm sure google can handle it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

roger miret & the disasters

the homie pete sosa gettin' it on the drums!

florian X moon editions

another hot number from MOON EDITIONS.

the burden 'catholic guilt'

just finished the layout for the new BURDEN record on DEATH EXCLAMATIONS. according to the label, the vinyl has been pressed and the covers will go to print on wednesday. will post as soon as they come in. until then, the art/layout i did for the "catholic guilt" EP that came out on NGS last year.

video denniz did for "depressed breath"