Monday, February 24, 2014

IRON HEEL tshirt / lp insert

got a nice package in the mail from austria's IRON HEEL. containing a tshirt i designed and a copy of their new LP 'book of grief' which uses the same art in the insert. production on these stoner/doom metal grooves is pristine, and the austria connection thomas reitmayer did an incredible job on the final layout and presentation of the record. vinyl is out now through PER KORO. contact, streaming, and other merch from the band's SITE.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

thug boots

new band out of houston featuring some of the usual suspects from BLACK COFFEE, etc. but with a little more of a skinhead/rac vibe and slicker production. more than likely denniz did the cover if i had to guess.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


forever late to the party. justin turned me onto these guys last night. the '90s are alive. was pretty into it until i watched this video. still enjoy their sounds. will more than likely pick this album up. i feel like it's become more and more rare that i can find the time to get online. dicking around with youtube and such is probably why i get so little done when i finally do find the time or patience for internet work.

mail day - head 2 wall

another delayed post. but i came home the other day to a nice surprise in the mail. unsolicited box from HEAD 2 WALL RECORDS. was especially stoked to find this MOUTHEATER lp that i've been meaning to pick up for forever (and who, incidentally, i did a shirt design for some years back). as well as this ETERNAL SLEEP 7" i've been wanting to check out. great label, great bands, great stuff all around. thanks nathan!