Thursday, June 27, 2013

never not working

on the horizon, artwork for the upcoming KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE / CARRION SUNFLOWER split. among others. more soon.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

new tapes from calico grounds

ran into josh from CALICO GROUNDS the other day and he hooked it up with some of the new tapes he's recently put out.  CAPTIVE, A PHANTOM PAYN FUTURE, and TOLLUND MEN.  a nice mix of styles, and a somewhat surprising output considering what 'former members of' make up some of these releases.  each are produced in an edition of 100 and i believe are still available from the label HERE.  thanks josh.

MINDLESS tour 7" covers

just wrapped up the art and printing on these tour edition 7" covers for austin grinders MINDLESS.  this new slab, the band's second, comes courtesy of TO LIVE A LIE records.  tour edition is limited to 50 and will be available when the band hits the road this coming saturday.  i'm sure the dates are online somewhere.  check out the songs HERE.  if the tour doesn't pass through your town the regular edition of the record will be available from the band or the label HERE.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


been doing some art and layout for a new LP from ILLUSTRATIONS.  exclusive stream up now at VAGABOND COLLECTIVE.  more info/pics from the album layout soon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

how nice / hit city

i got the PAPA record from HIT CITY USA for alex and they threw their zine in with the order as well.  the last page has the label's catalog thus far, but this isn't a catalog in itself.  mostly just shoot-from-the-hip photos of nothing.  but all shot on film and well laid out.  was a nice extra to discover when opening the package.  for SISSTER SSOUND to succeed as a 'label' this is the attention to detail kind of stuff it needs to do.

tapes are still dope

picked this up at the record store the other day solely on the gimmick.  pretty fucking clever.  the cassette came in a norelco box just like this, no jcard or other information.  i haven't done any online research to get the story on it but i assume twin vision is the band, not the label.  the music isn't exactly my speed but is really well produced and preformed.  kind of poppy rock stuff with a sort of '60s throwback vibe, male and female vocals.  but whats on the tape obviously isn't why i got it.  occasionally i'll question how the whole cassette resurgence thing has held this long.  then something like this will pop up and i'm totally stoked on tapes all over again.

Friday, June 7, 2013

chaos '13

tragedy. bolt thrower. integrity. mammoth grinder.  probably should have shot a lot more photos during CHAOS IN TEJAS, since there was pretty much zero filler on this year's lineup.  but here are a couple of my personal highlights.  the cameras in the crowds ran the gamut from disposable film point 'n shoots, to professional SLRs, to innumerable iphones.  just look at instagram, i'm sure there are PLENTY of banger live photos on there.  incidentally, mammoth grinder will have one of the top 10 albums of 2013 when their new LP drops next month.  later this month?  either way.  and move that mic stand over one and the new hatred surge "human overdose" LP gets a spot too.

Monday, June 3, 2013


i'm pretty sure i posted something about doing this design and lettering for PARASITIC SKIES from washington a little while back.  just recently got my hands on the physical shirt.  really well executed and produced crust influenced hardcore.  get the shirt and split 7" with losing skin from HEADFIRST here.  listen on bandcamp here.


i just posted some photos of the cassette from new houston d-beat/hardcore band STAGNANT YOUTH.  when they got thrown a spot at Chaos in Tejas they hit me up for some help with a shirt. hank had already made the ouroboros and skulls, but asked me to put together some letters and get the final image ready to print.  not sure where you might find these outside of their shows for now, but in case you don't feel like scrolling down here's the LINK to their bandcamp again.


recently got to show some art at the Austin School of Film (alongside BRYAN LEE TAYLOR, who is amazing).  i never attend my own galleries, but wish i would have this time because faiza arranged for CRAWL to play the opening.  one man pummeling, cycling, harsh doom/drone.  with all percussion, bass, and noise performed live solo as well.  and from what i understand the sheer volume shakes any room he plays.  not to fear, alex got me the tape.  which came in these amazing all black shells with no window that appear to be spray painted black as well.  i'm unclear on what the pressing/edition might be, but she told me he had some others with even more elaborate packaging.


having had a long history with SOUTHSIDE it was nice to get to work with them again.  recently put together this design as a sort of collaborative effort.  being used on a tshirt for them and a poster print for GIVE UP (minus the 'southside' text).  the lettering for the shirts was also put toward some shop decks, with the collaborative shout out on the top.