Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HORDERS interview on nerVvegas

just did the first interview relating to my music project HORDERS. up now on the nerVvegas blog. thanks rvssell.

Monday, June 27, 2011

WITHDRAWAL "faith, flesh & blood"

more from canada's WITHDRAWAL. did the art and layout for their new 7" on a389 records "faith, flesh & blood".

test press

tshirt for the release that the HELLFISH guys laid out and printed


another tshirt i did for ROT IN HELL. this time the guys over at HELLFISH took care of the printing.


did a tshirt design and the cover art for the 2010 demo from massachusetts' LIFELOSS. unfortunately the band already broke up, but you can still hear the songs HERE.


tshirt i designed last year for st. louis's EVERYTHING WENT BLACK. should still be available in their webstore.

FOLSOM tshirt/posters

more from las vegas's FOLSOM. this time a poster i designed and printed for their 2008 european tour. they had someone over there take the central image and put it on some shirts.

poster for 2008 US tour with LOSE NONE i designed and printed.

and poster for their 2009 tour with LIONHEART that i designed and emailed off for one of the sponsoring labels to take care of printing.


another houston hardcore band, TEN CROWNS. some of whose members went on to form THE BURDEN. was always stoked to do things for these guys both because they were friends and i liked their sound, and because their bassist caleb is a really good designer and was more than capable of doing any visuals for the band himself.

gold on gold on black tshirts i designed and printed circa 2007(?).

posters i designed and printed for their 2006 tour with IRON AGE.

and another non tour specific poster from 2006 that i designed and printed and eric del rio did the lettering for.


I AM WOLF was a relatively short lived band from houston that had a kind of rock 'n roll/hardcore crossover sound and featured members of TEN CROWNS, MY LUCK, and GRAVE ROBBERS. in 2006 i did the layout and printing for their demo cd, their split 7" with HELL CITY KINGS, and a couple of tshirts (which i can't find now). still today i do the majority of my layouts on a photocopier with scissors and glue sticks, doing the color separations by hand on a light box before scanning the individual color layers and stacking them in photoshop. but at the time i was so far removed from anything technology based that unless i was doing the screen printing myself i didn't know what to do with the photocopied color layer pages. this 7" was the first thing i ever sent over the internet to a label in a template and print ready, with a huge thanks to my friend ben wilke. who sat patiently and scanned the pages representing the separate layers and let me point over his shoulder at his computer screen what went where and which color to make each.

frankie forever.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


been messing with the idea of starting a record label for some time now. thought doing some limited cassettes might be a good place to start. but for the most part it was all talk. just came up on these boxes of tapes, so all may now happen sooner than later. eyes and ears peeled.

KVLT OV KALI box set

more from ROT IN HELL. this time the kult of kali box set that they set to put out in 2008. the set came with four 7"s, a cd, button, patch, small print, and tshirt. all wrapped in a giant stenciled poster and then encased in a hand cut and stenciled corrugated cardboard box/sleeve. the set also included this zine style booklet with all the lyrics and recording information with screen printed covers that i'd done the art for. very limited and extremely long gone. more photos of the contents of the box are up on ENDLESS QUEST.


first got turned on to OTIS IKE from these zines/catalogs of his photos that russell at DOMY laid out for him. way more great stuff on his site HERE.

DLD for AC

i shot this photo of my buddy dan's hands some time back and earlier this week turned it into a half-tone and printed these shirts for ANIMALS & CHILDREN. pretty proud of them as the only other time i tried to fuck with making a half-tone was for some shirts for WILL TO LIVE in maybe 2007 that were so butchered that in order to make out the image you basically had to be too far away to see it. needless to say, don't have one of those.

WCW box

the first thing i did with WILLIAM CODY WATSON (aka PINK PRIEST, aka MALIBU WANDS, aka GREMLYNZ, ect.) was this half-frame photo i shot that was used for the cover of the pink priest "infant tape" that came out on ALBERT'S BASEMENT toward the end of 2009.

i already had a decent handful of his recordings, but was shocked by the sheer volume of releases he has out when i got this box from him in the mail the other day.

included in the box was this MALIBU WANDS cassette from NO KINGS that has a really nice letterpress cover from my GIVE UP "communion" piece.

thanks a lot william!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


did these shirt designs to go along with the ROT IN HELL / HORDERS 'the omega suite' split 7". with the HORDERS version being basically the same, save for the RIH text being replaced with the HORDERS text. it took me longer to get the design together than i'd planned so they weren't available at the same time as the record release. being that the RIH guys are in the UK they took care of getting their shirts done. using discharge inks for a really soft look and feel. i've slacked further and haven't managed to get around to printing the HORDERS versions. soon though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


this blog/site is still relatively new. still trying to find and catch up with some older stuff and still have time to sleep late and dick around and watch a lot of tv. did these 7" covers for FIGHT PRETTY's "androphobia" on their own label ORGAN DAMAGED a year or so ago. screen printed the first 50 with metallic gold ink, with the intention that the remainder be printed with the same art as standard digital output print covers. kind of lost touch and never found out what happened with the release. heard that they threw them all out at their last show, although i believe they've played since then. either way i never got a copy, but do have these scans of the covers. did a 4 panel insert as well that i can't find a physical or scanned copy of now.

also designed and screen printed these posters for their 2008 tour with SHE RIDES. think i printed around 30 or 40. 17"x11" on light weight white card. actually went on this tour and walked off when we got to new york. sorry guys.

later i did this van design for some tshirts. i think when they had them printed they went with red ink on black.

video for "androphobia" denniz made