Monday, June 27, 2011


I AM WOLF was a relatively short lived band from houston that had a kind of rock 'n roll/hardcore crossover sound and featured members of TEN CROWNS, MY LUCK, and GRAVE ROBBERS. in 2006 i did the layout and printing for their demo cd, their split 7" with HELL CITY KINGS, and a couple of tshirts (which i can't find now). still today i do the majority of my layouts on a photocopier with scissors and glue sticks, doing the color separations by hand on a light box before scanning the individual color layers and stacking them in photoshop. but at the time i was so far removed from anything technology based that unless i was doing the screen printing myself i didn't know what to do with the photocopied color layer pages. this 7" was the first thing i ever sent over the internet to a label in a template and print ready, with a huge thanks to my friend ben wilke. who sat patiently and scanned the pages representing the separate layers and let me point over his shoulder at his computer screen what went where and which color to make each.

frankie forever.

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