Friday, April 6, 2012

BLACK KNOT cassette (SS004)

sisster ssound is pleased to announce our 4th official release, this time in the form of a self titled cassette from BLACK KNOT. the solo brainchild of javier vanhuss. bending sound and genre, to label these recordings noise would be a great disservice. building layer upon layer of electronics, acoustic and electric guitar, sampled power tools, static, and processed vocal clips, the 5 songs on side A and the 2 songs on B are each seamlessly meshed into two separate whirring, cycling, 7.5 minute movements. swarming and sinking, this is somehow harsh, ambient, chaotic, and droning all at the same time. the aural result of a year in descent. limited to only 50 copies, each cassette comes housed in a black on grey jcard designed by GIVE UP along with a printed translucent vellum insert hand screened on the reverse. click HERE to stream this and other BLACK KNOT recordings. click HERE to order.

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