Friday, July 12, 2013

carrion sunflower / die song

posted just recently that i would be contributing some visuals to the forthcoming KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE split cassette with CARRION SUNFLOWER. in a small coincidence i was contacted around the same time by upstart label DIE SONG, in regard to doing some art for their own CARRION SUNFLOWER release. the world, it turns out, is very small. very excited to be contributing something to this, as i think both the artist and the label are creating something truly worthwhile. here is the cover art i put together for now, more as the release info unfolds. but expect some very impressive packaging containing a flexi, lathe cut vinyl record, cassette, and wooden box set edition. all extremely limited. no pre-order date as of yet, but from the label site, lathes go out for cutting this weekend.



got an unsolicited package in the mail containing this CD from ZUD and was pleased to discover it was from the folks behind BOGUS RENDITION zine, who i'm sure i've posted about before. the one sheet that was included described it as "old school sleazy 'n cheesey bluesy rockin' black metal". and cites old mayhem, older bathory, roky erickson, van halen, and others as influences. okay. to be fair that description didn't really hook me. but upon giving the disc a spin, it's about the best way to possibly describe it. heavy on the old school black metal, and sounding both exactly and nothing like the rest. may seem kind of confusing in theory, but this slays. and in a raging way, not a weird way. a lot of care was clearly put into the presentation and the recording quality is on point as well. i definitely appreciate getting a physical copy of something i'm not familiar with as opposed to a download link. and i'm really glad the bogus rendition guys turned me on to this. ZUD has show dates and links to stream songs on their site HERE. or just message at

Thursday, July 11, 2013


did the art and layout for a new 7" from canadian hardcore band BURN YOUR WORLD, coming soon from ESCAPIST RECORDS. also put together a tshirt with the cover art. more pics and info when the pre-order links go up from the label. for now, listen to the band HERE, check out other stuff from the label HERE.

iron column

working on some new stuff for UK based skateboard company IRON COLUMN. was a pleasure doing the graphics for a deck they did for ROT IN HELL last year. excited to be working with them again. for now a little look at some letters ive been messing with toward this new design.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


another one for ILLUSTRATIONS. looks like the vinyl for their full length won't be back from the plant in time for the tour they're heading out on a little later this month. so i did some screen printed cd cover folders that they're going to take with them as 3 track samplers of the forthcoming album. tour dates are posted on their SITE.