Tuesday, December 30, 2014

THE WILL TO POWER 'might' 7"

another one from canada, this time for THE WILL TO POWER. james hofer's electronic/new wave project. i'd previously done some art for his hardcore band and he contacted me about using some art for something new he was doing. i already had the circe image with the dog heads and candles and the band has been using it as their logo since. i'm not sure who handled the final layout for this 7" outside of that logo. this record and others can be streamed, as well as physical copies ordered, through the bandcamp link.

here's a closer image of said logo. this was from their first ep, which, as i understand it, was available only as a digital release.


pretty sure i mentioned working on these before, but i recently got the physical shirt in in the mail. another shirt design i did for my friend cody (of withdrawal, war elephant, etc). this time for MORTALITY RATE - fast, pissed off, female fronted canadian punk/hardcore crossover. the band provided the letters, i did the art and then got everything ready to print.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

mark flood resents "emotionally unavailable men", miami

from the MARK FLOOD RESENTS "EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE MEN" show in miami beach during art basel.

chris bexar

paul kremer

brandon araujo

invitation posters

Monday, December 1, 2014


mentioned in a previous post about doing the art and printing for some limited tour edition covers of the new MINDLESS 'planet of pestilence' 7". austin based grind/hardcore featuring faiza k, formerly of HATRED SURGE, FAITHEALER, etc. not sure if i mentioned then, but i also did the art and layout for the regular edition. been a little slow keeping up, but the official release dropped and i got some copies in from the label. you can stream this and other releases on the MINDLESS bandcamp and order physical copies from the TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS label site.

FAR OUT tshirts

relatively new to playing out live, but a while in the making, FAR OUT is a new audio output by some friends out of houston. too pop to be punk, too rock to be pop, they're a hard group to categorize. but whatever it is they're doing, they're doing it right. as i understand it lacquers have already been approved and cover art shot for their upcoming 12". alex had dann miller come up with this tshirt design (based off the lace painting art of mark flood) and asked me to print some for them. as of right now they're still keeping things a little close to the chest until the album gets closer to the front of the queue at the pressing plant - no webstore and no song samples online. but highly recommended if anyone in the houston area gets the chance to catch them live.