Sunday, January 17, 2016

ROT IN HELL - live cassette

did the art and layout for this ROT IN HELL "of sorrow black and deep" live cassette last year. the intention was for it to be released by sisster ssound. but i kind of dropped the ball and got overextended and caught up with other things. subsequently causing a handful of scheduled releases to get put on the back burner. the RIH guys went ahead and put it out themselves in the UK. the attention to detail is great. a little hard to read in the photos, but the stock on the jcards is metallic silver. and i really like the consistency between the grey shells for the tapes and the grey boxes.

ON THE MAP poster

a little late in updated anything here. ryan put together this fest that's already come and gone and i'm just now getting around to putting up this poster i did for him. the first (annual?) ON THE MAP fest, spread over 4 days and 3 venues. featuring slapshot, forced reality, oxblood, and so on. click image to enlarge.