Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CSD 2014

as mentioned previously, we dropped the ball in respect to our own label involvement with cassette store day. but that doesn't mean we didn't still attend. picked up this terence hannum tape/catalog that i was fairly certain had sold out in 2012. and rounded out my godflesh collection, having previously only owned 'songs of love and hate' on cd. i guess none of these were CSD specific titles, but tapes were purchased either way.
in an unrelated note i started a new instagram account for anyone that might like their media more social. it isn't sisster ssound specific, but a catalog of records that for one reason or another remain on my shelf. mostly second and third tier '90s and early 2000s metalcore. might slip a banger in every once in a while. @still.holding

swings and misses

never let it be said that sisster ssound as a label is anything short of a professional operation. or in the very least self aware. as we all know, this past saturday was the third(?) annual cassette store day - offshoot of the wildly popular record store day. in an attempt to cash in our ticket to the party boat we'd scheduled a tshirt and two new secret tape releases. secret because, knowing our own track record with meeting release deadlines, we never announced a CSD drop in fear that the product wouldn't be ready on time. the smaller irony being that they would still be available only in the webstore - a sharp contrast to the purpose of cassette store day in the first place. as the fates would have it, we weren't ready. didn't get the final tracks in time for the first tape. and the second, a scheduled live recording, didn't get a usable capture and said band didn't have any additional shows booked to re-attempt recording. incidentally we weren't happy with the sample from the first print run of tshirts either. but we will not be thwarted! intentions remain and as we get closer to actuality details will be made available on these new tees and tapes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


was listening to xasthur and lurker of chalice today and remembered this exists. say what you will, or, rather, don't.