Saturday, June 2, 2012

BREAK TIME cassette (SS005)

the fifth official release from SISSTER SSOUND RECORDINGS takes a bit of a departure from previous or projected label directions. the brain child of nick lombard (perhaps best known in certain circles for his time spent in gulf coast grindcore outfit 50/50 and GAY MARRIAGE) BREAK TIME is the perfect response to nick's true musical interest. producing a mess of songs that could easily be the modern result of the mating of early kinks, the jam, and the undertones without relying too heavily on any. at times more pop, at times more punk, but always following a sort of mod rock direction. featuring female lead vocals and incorporating organs in the best way possible, nick has stepped out from behind the drum kit for this project to pick up the lead guitar. leaving percussion duties to alex hughes (HATRED SURGE, IRON AGE, etc). cassette features 8 songs at just under 15 minutes and is produced in an extremely limited edition of only 30 pieces.

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