Wednesday, September 4, 2013

VVLAD/HORDERS split cass (SS009)

as mentioned previously, the 9th official release from SISSTER SSOUND is now available in the form of a split cassette from VVLAD and HORDERS. clocking in at just under 16 minutes, this release features 3 new songs from norway's VVLAD and 2 new songs from GIVE UP aural imprint HORDERS. with VVLAD drenching his delta blues style cigar box guitar in caustic black noise, while HORDERS offer more repetitive acoustic rhythms washed in layers of field recordings, samples, and ambient static.

limited to an edition of 50, each cassette comes on black shells with full color jcard and screen printed silver on black insert. the first 20 copies also come with both HORDERS and VVLAD canvas patches. as a SISSTER SSOUND first, each tape also includes a digital download.

stream now on the new SISSTERSSOUND bandcamp page HERE.
available for purchase from either the SISSTER STORE (HERE), or GIVE UP store (HERE).

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

die song label

mentioned the new DIE SONG label recently, in relation the artwork i was doing for the CARRION SUNFLOWER lathe to be released through the label. it appears as if while waiting on masters and returns from the plant, DIE SONG have really upped their distro game. just got great box of tapes and a shirt. thanks james. in talking it appears much more is on the horizon. keep up HERE.

sisster bandcamp

closing in on the 9th sisster ssound release, i've finally managed to start building a bandcamp page. a few more from the catalog yet to be added, but all in time. follow the link HERE, in the menu to the right, or go straight to to stream everything thus far.