Monday, December 23, 2013


the new HORDERS split cassette with THE WAY TO LIGHT was originally scheduled for a december 21st release through DIE SONG. i kind of dropped the ball on a few things on my end, but finally got these covers and inserts printed and trimmed and off to the label. featuring a black over metallic silver card cover and a black over black folded card insert. tapes are at the plant as we speak, and the new release date should be announced shortly. for now, preview one of the HORDERS tracks streaming exclusively over at INVISIBLE GUY.

miami, etc.

had the opportunity to go to miami for ART BASEL a couple of weeks ago as part of MARK FLOOD'S art entourage. if you aren't already familiar, there's about the most concise article imaginable up now over at SLATE. or, alternately, on my other BLOG.
incidentally, mark (aka clerk fluid, etc.) wrote what is probably the most important and realistic book ever scribed on the actuality of the art machine. highly recommended that anyone with any interest in pursuing art as a career try to track a copy down.
while in town, as a further strike of good fortune, ran into the guys that do EIGHT BALL ZINES.
and was able to get my hands on a copy of one of REMIO'S sleepner zines.
also picked up some FAILE and BAST tokens at their DELUXX FLUXX arcade installation. regardless of how i've felt about either of their work previously, the arcade was pretty cool.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

horders // the way to light

new web/digital only collaborative song from HORDERS and THE WAY TO LIGHT. produced to coincide with the split release coming december 2013 on DIE SONG.

video execution by GIVE UP and HALLOW HAVEN DESIGN.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

lethal R&M

about to start some letters and a CD layout for new anthemic southern rap group LETHAL R&M. which may be a little strange looking back at the type of bands i've done visuals for historically. possibly even stranger when considering that one half of the group is ribs from iron age, ancient vvisdom, etc. don't expect some e town concrete or boxcutter type stuff here though. i heard a rough mix of the album and emcee is delivering true southern RAP. more soon.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


mentioned working on this project in previous posts. just received physical copies in the mail. CARRION SUNFLOWER and KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE split cassette and tshirt. while the respective bands already had their own working logos, i provided the artwork for the tape and shirt, as well as assembling the final jcard layout. the full package is really impressive, including an embroidered edge patch, sunflower seed, sterile scalpel blade, and cards. all contained with the tape in a black fitted zip-seal bag. available now individually and as tape/shirt packages from OUTSIDER ART.


just put together this poster for the upcoming film BETTER THE DEVIL. slated to be used in both web and ground promotion, a 24" x 18" screen printed edition is being offered in a limited print run of 40 - only available to the film's kickstarted contributors. click HERE to see more and find out how to donate.

Friday, November 1, 2013

more MINE

more stuff for/from MINE. just got a package in the mail with this tshirt i designed for them and a copy of their new 12" ep. the homie MICHAEL JENSEN shot the cover for the record, while i took care of the lettering. another split label/split format release. this time with the vinyl coming from HOLY ROAR and the cassette edition on CULT CULTURE. thanks chris.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


been working on some stuff for an upcoming CDEP/7" from russia's BURNT X CROSS (not to be confused with BURNT CROSS with no 'X' from the UK), including these logo letters. with clear clevo and early 2000s influences, they still keep their take on heavy, metallic hardcore fresh and interesting. really excited to be working on this one and really happy with what we've gotten together visually so far. more on that soon, for now stream/download the songs from their BANDCAMP page.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


with a seemingly ceaseless tour schedule, ILLUSTRATIONS is back on the road. this time with re-prints of the tshirts with the album art i did for them available in long-sleeves as well. check the respective links on their PAGE for dates, etc.

the way to light

FISSURES preview

recently wrapped up the artwork for an upcoming EP from southern california's FISSURE. eight tracks of ripping powerviolence packed into roughly 7 minutes. pre-orders are up now for the cassette version from NOT PUNK, with the 7" vinyl coming a bit later through MELOTOV. will post the full layout once i have copies in hand, but for now you can stream the album in full over at CVLT NATION.

black coffee - the critic

new video from BLACK COFFEE. for their new song 'the critic', to be released on the split with FORCED FEM on IMBALANCE ARTS.

KOOE/CS pre-orders

KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE and CARRION SUNFLOWER have now posted the pre-orders for their split cassette that i did the art and layout for. for the duration of the pre-order they're still wanting to keep the final visuals under wraps. but for now here's an early sample from what would eventually become the cover.

tapes will be a split-label release, available from OUTSIDER ART and IIOVV, and will have package options that include a patch and tshirt.

CSD late pass

been slow to post lately, but how about the first ever CASSETTE STORE DAY last month? or was it the month before now? in keeping with my current mode of operation, i blew it and didn't go out that day or produce anything specific for it. but did come up on some good after-the-fact scores. nice to see how much traction the format is re-gaining either way.

some small proof of the further cassette resurgence might be found in the fact that all SISSTER SSOUND releases thus far are completely sold out. including the most recent VVLAD/HORDERS split, which sold out in just about 24 hours. though i'd still like to believe that has much more to do with content than format. but all is not lost; you can still stream previous releases on our label page on BANDCAMP. which i'm in the process of getting fully up to date. keep your eyes peeled as well for a handful of new releases already forming on the horizon. more on that soon.

black knot - remix

sisster ssound alums BLACK KNOT have just offered up a few INTEGRITY remixes via their bandcamp page. including these versions of 'black heksen rise' and 'vocal test'. the cassettes that we did for them (SS004) are long since gone, but you can still stream all of those songs on their PAGE or OURS as well.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

VVLAD/HORDERS split cass (SS009)

as mentioned previously, the 9th official release from SISSTER SSOUND is now available in the form of a split cassette from VVLAD and HORDERS. clocking in at just under 16 minutes, this release features 3 new songs from norway's VVLAD and 2 new songs from GIVE UP aural imprint HORDERS. with VVLAD drenching his delta blues style cigar box guitar in caustic black noise, while HORDERS offer more repetitive acoustic rhythms washed in layers of field recordings, samples, and ambient static.

limited to an edition of 50, each cassette comes on black shells with full color jcard and screen printed silver on black insert. the first 20 copies also come with both HORDERS and VVLAD canvas patches. as a SISSTER SSOUND first, each tape also includes a digital download.

stream now on the new SISSTERSSOUND bandcamp page HERE.
available for purchase from either the SISSTER STORE (HERE), or GIVE UP store (HERE).

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

die song label

mentioned the new DIE SONG label recently, in relation the artwork i was doing for the CARRION SUNFLOWER lathe to be released through the label. it appears as if while waiting on masters and returns from the plant, DIE SONG have really upped their distro game. just got great box of tapes and a shirt. thanks james. in talking it appears much more is on the horizon. keep up HERE.

sisster bandcamp

closing in on the 9th sisster ssound release, i've finally managed to start building a bandcamp page. a few more from the catalog yet to be added, but all in time. follow the link HERE, in the menu to the right, or go straight to to stream everything thus far.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


very excited to announce the upcoming 9th release from sisster ssound recordings. this time in the form of a split cassette between norway's VVLAD and HORDERS. more info on that to come. for now listen to the player below for VVLAD's black metal/black noise take on single string delta blues (from his first tape on negromancy).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MINE posters

posted about working with MINE before. just finished printing these posters for them that i did the layout and lettering for as well. after the original skate photo by MICHAEL JENSEN. posters measure 18"x12", printed in a signed and numbered edition of 25 on acid free 111lb paper. pre-orders for the new album are up now through CULT CULTURE and HOLY ROAR. with a certain number of prints shipping out for free with pre-order.

fight cancer benefit

just sent a stack of some of the screened show posters i've done over the years down to houston for pam from walter's cancer benefit fundraiser. anyone who has spent any amount of time in the houston punk/hardcore/indie scenes knows they wouldn't be what they are today without the years of support given, and headaches endured, by walter's. this three day event will have lots of great bands and a ton of great stuff up for auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to help pam fight stage 4 cancer.

september 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2013
1120 naylor
houston, tx 77002

more info and lineup HERE.

Friday, July 12, 2013

carrion sunflower / die song

posted just recently that i would be contributing some visuals to the forthcoming KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE split cassette with CARRION SUNFLOWER. in a small coincidence i was contacted around the same time by upstart label DIE SONG, in regard to doing some art for their own CARRION SUNFLOWER release. the world, it turns out, is very small. very excited to be contributing something to this, as i think both the artist and the label are creating something truly worthwhile. here is the cover art i put together for now, more as the release info unfolds. but expect some very impressive packaging containing a flexi, lathe cut vinyl record, cassette, and wooden box set edition. all extremely limited. no pre-order date as of yet, but from the label site, lathes go out for cutting this weekend.



got an unsolicited package in the mail containing this CD from ZUD and was pleased to discover it was from the folks behind BOGUS RENDITION zine, who i'm sure i've posted about before. the one sheet that was included described it as "old school sleazy 'n cheesey bluesy rockin' black metal". and cites old mayhem, older bathory, roky erickson, van halen, and others as influences. okay. to be fair that description didn't really hook me. but upon giving the disc a spin, it's about the best way to possibly describe it. heavy on the old school black metal, and sounding both exactly and nothing like the rest. may seem kind of confusing in theory, but this slays. and in a raging way, not a weird way. a lot of care was clearly put into the presentation and the recording quality is on point as well. i definitely appreciate getting a physical copy of something i'm not familiar with as opposed to a download link. and i'm really glad the bogus rendition guys turned me on to this. ZUD has show dates and links to stream songs on their site HERE. or just message at

Thursday, July 11, 2013


did the art and layout for a new 7" from canadian hardcore band BURN YOUR WORLD, coming soon from ESCAPIST RECORDS. also put together a tshirt with the cover art. more pics and info when the pre-order links go up from the label. for now, listen to the band HERE, check out other stuff from the label HERE.

iron column

working on some new stuff for UK based skateboard company IRON COLUMN. was a pleasure doing the graphics for a deck they did for ROT IN HELL last year. excited to be working with them again. for now a little look at some letters ive been messing with toward this new design.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


another one for ILLUSTRATIONS. looks like the vinyl for their full length won't be back from the plant in time for the tour they're heading out on a little later this month. so i did some screen printed cd cover folders that they're going to take with them as 3 track samplers of the forthcoming album. tour dates are posted on their SITE.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

never not working

on the horizon, artwork for the upcoming KNIFED OUT OF EXISTENCE / CARRION SUNFLOWER split. among others. more soon.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

new tapes from calico grounds

ran into josh from CALICO GROUNDS the other day and he hooked it up with some of the new tapes he's recently put out.  CAPTIVE, A PHANTOM PAYN FUTURE, and TOLLUND MEN.  a nice mix of styles, and a somewhat surprising output considering what 'former members of' make up some of these releases.  each are produced in an edition of 100 and i believe are still available from the label HERE.  thanks josh.

MINDLESS tour 7" covers

just wrapped up the art and printing on these tour edition 7" covers for austin grinders MINDLESS.  this new slab, the band's second, comes courtesy of TO LIVE A LIE records.  tour edition is limited to 50 and will be available when the band hits the road this coming saturday.  i'm sure the dates are online somewhere.  check out the songs HERE.  if the tour doesn't pass through your town the regular edition of the record will be available from the band or the label HERE.