Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ODESSA s/t tape (SS003)

the third official release from SISSTER SSOUND sees the first physical release from texas based instrumental black metalers ODESSA. forming in 2009 as a two piece and performing several live shows with a drum machine, they later added a live drummer to fill out the sound and round out the group. these are the first recordings as a three piece with the live drum line up. creating a sound that could fit easily alongside other ambient USBM bands, ODESSA cut their own path and remain sonically driving, speeding forward and coating their audience in a wave of darkness. guitars, bass, and drums. no keys, no synth, no bullshit.

the self titled cassette carries 5 songs in roughly 23 minutes and comes housed with a black on black cover, color insert card, and wrapped in a printed translucent vellum band (with all design, logoing and assembly by GIVE UP). limited first pressing of only 75, available HERE now.

stream/download this release at

RVEVV 'MMXI' tape (SS002)

after several digital releases, SISSTER SSOUND is pleased to present the first physical release from the UK's own RVEVV. featuring 6 tracks in just under 45 minutes, the MMXI tape starts with a slow burn before building into a crushing wall of mountainous drone. guitar driven and interspersed with minimal samples, flirting with mixes of both ambient and caustic noise, all while weaving a thread of the HOLY TERROR "sound" throughout.
cassettes come packaged in a custom cut, sealed, screen printed chipboard box with three separate insert cards, 1" buttons, and digital download code. designed, printed, and assembled by GIVE UP in line with with the RVEVV concept. produced in a limited edition of 60, with the first 20 available in alternative packaging by RVEVV himself. available HERE now.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


came across this the other day and picked it up for the cover and the label. the guys responsible for that first mammoth grinder tape, GHOST HUNT, back with more. this time SURROUNDINGS. with art by DVH.

bogus rendition

got this in the mail the other day. BOGUS RENDITION ZINE. freights, travel, metal, really good stuff. and thick. lot going on here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


pre-orders are up now for the ROT IN HELL deck that i did the art for for IRON COLUMN. the euros get the ease of availability, people in the US get ready to pay the postman. IC store HERE.



just wrapped up these letters for the band MURDERESS from portland.