Monday, August 29, 2011


rough sample. been working on some lettering and a tshirt design for the TRAITORS & MARTYRS clothing line. hopefully something more to show soon.


did some more work for HANG THE BASTARD. this time new art and layout for the re-release of their split 7" with ABOLITION on DISPOSABLE CULTURE. as well as a tshirt design for the tour they just wrapped up with DOPEFIGHT. also recently finished the art and layout for the forthcoming HANG THE BASTARD/BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE split 7" on TDON. just waiting for it to go to press.


long friend WILL BOONE just did these patches for ICE AGE. nice work will.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

WILL TO LIVE 'weather the storm'

maybe 2006, 2007? WILL TO LIVE was slated to do a full length on EULOGY and scott asked me to come up with something for a cover. his idea was for a digipak with the lettering/crest in silver foil (a little hard to read fully in the color version, but maybe more clear what would be silver in the B&W pic). the EULOGY deal fizzled and i think they ended up just giving the album away as a free download. a couple years later used the image for their last show poster. though they've been playing shows again now.

SOUTH SIDE skateboards

SOUTH SIDE SKATEPARK is the oldest and longest running indoor skatepark in houston. i did a bunch of design work for them over the years from tshirts to demo/contest posters to ads to decks. starting in probably 2003. these decks are the only things i held onto from any of that. did 2 more boards that i can recall as well.


INSTRUMENTAL was a texas based skateboard company that was around for several years in the early 2000s. i actually did 5 series of graphics for them, for a total of 15 boards other than the ones pictured here. these are the only ones i still have my hands on. hard to tell in the photos, but the graphics on these were printed once in silver, then the screens off-set and printed again in black. can't recall the year.


maybe 2009? did this shirt design for MOUTHEATER that they then had THRASHED RECORDS (responsible for the vegas/moutheather split 7" among others) print. never actually got my hands on one of the final printed shirts, but here's the mock up. long gone from the THRASHED webstore.