Monday, December 23, 2013

miami, etc.

had the opportunity to go to miami for ART BASEL a couple of weeks ago as part of MARK FLOOD'S art entourage. if you aren't already familiar, there's about the most concise article imaginable up now over at SLATE. or, alternately, on my other BLOG.
incidentally, mark (aka clerk fluid, etc.) wrote what is probably the most important and realistic book ever scribed on the actuality of the art machine. highly recommended that anyone with any interest in pursuing art as a career try to track a copy down.
while in town, as a further strike of good fortune, ran into the guys that do EIGHT BALL ZINES.
and was able to get my hands on a copy of one of REMIO'S sleepner zines.
also picked up some FAILE and BAST tokens at their DELUXX FLUXX arcade installation. regardless of how i've felt about either of their work previously, the arcade was pretty cool.