Saturday, October 12, 2013

CSD late pass

been slow to post lately, but how about the first ever CASSETTE STORE DAY last month? or was it the month before now? in keeping with my current mode of operation, i blew it and didn't go out that day or produce anything specific for it. but did come up on some good after-the-fact scores. nice to see how much traction the format is re-gaining either way.

some small proof of the further cassette resurgence might be found in the fact that all SISSTER SSOUND releases thus far are completely sold out. including the most recent VVLAD/HORDERS split, which sold out in just about 24 hours. though i'd still like to believe that has much more to do with content than format. but all is not lost; you can still stream previous releases on our label page on BANDCAMP. which i'm in the process of getting fully up to date. keep your eyes peeled as well for a handful of new releases already forming on the horizon. more on that soon.