Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i didn't pre-order the new HORSEBACK album and was kind of sweating it because i was really worried the first press would sell out before i could get my hands on it. lucked out and grabbed it the day the record store put it on the shelf. but honestly, didn't fall in love with it compared to their previous albums. i've been giving it a few more spins since and want to take that back now. it's really fucking good.

in SISSTER SSOUND news: the COLUMN OF HEAVEN album i did the cover for on SPHC should be back from the plant soon. the STANDING ON A FLOOR OF BODIES cassette (SS006) is at the plant right now. ODESSA shirts should be ready any minute really. finishing up covers for the upcoming RVEVV: MMXII tape, co-released by sisster ssound and strivve recordings. as well as two other releases we're still hammering out details on. should be getting a sisster ssound specific webstore and facebook going soon too. big things, stay posted.

heavy rotation at the moment: locrian, ktl, nibiru, power trip, scott kelly, jethro tull, deafheaven.