Wednesday, June 8, 2011


this blog/site is still relatively new. still trying to find and catch up with some older stuff and still have time to sleep late and dick around and watch a lot of tv. did these 7" covers for FIGHT PRETTY's "androphobia" on their own label ORGAN DAMAGED a year or so ago. screen printed the first 50 with metallic gold ink, with the intention that the remainder be printed with the same art as standard digital output print covers. kind of lost touch and never found out what happened with the release. heard that they threw them all out at their last show, although i believe they've played since then. either way i never got a copy, but do have these scans of the covers. did a 4 panel insert as well that i can't find a physical or scanned copy of now.

also designed and screen printed these posters for their 2008 tour with SHE RIDES. think i printed around 30 or 40. 17"x11" on light weight white card. actually went on this tour and walked off when we got to new york. sorry guys.

later i did this van design for some tshirts. i think when they had them printed they went with red ink on black.

video for "androphobia" denniz made

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