Saturday, May 3, 2014

ROT IN HELL 'ruined empire' LP

another one for ROT IN HELL. i did the art and layout for this new 'ruined empire' LP a little while back. after waiting in the queue for a short bit, it was just released on record store day by ORGANIZED CRIME. similar to the 'hallways of the always' LP, 'ruined empire' is a collection of rare 7", split, and compilation tracks that have come out since 'hallways...' and the 'as pearls before swine' LP. and as such i tried to keep the artwork somewhat consistent with what i did for 'hallways...'. album features 13 tracks ranging from the metallic cleveland hardcore sound that put them on the map, to the more psychedelic folk stuff the band has been experimenting with lately. true to their historic form of being cryptic and somewhat elusive, there is little info on the ROT IN HELL bandcamp or store. i'd assume pressing info and availability could be found on the OCR site.