Friday, August 29, 2014


all worlds colliding, all worlds getting smaller. chris from MINE, HANG THE BASTARD, CULT CULTURE, etc asked me to do a poster for an upcoming show he booked with ROT IN HELL and CARRION SUNFLOWER. if you aren't familiar with any of these already then just keep scrolling - at this point i've done a fair amount of artwork for each mentioned. of course with previous histories with all of them i was excited to do it. already had the visual concept but no destination anyway, working in text was easy enough. a little jealous that this one's in london though. as that would be a bit of a trek for me. from what i've been told this will be a rare 4-piece acoustic set from ROT IN HELL. as well as one of the first CARRION SUNFLOWER shows where he'll be performing with a full band. click image to enlarge.