Friday, August 29, 2014

LOW BOTTOMS zine (SS010)


8.5" x 5.5" B&W photocopy zine, LOW BOTTOMS is a collaborative/split effort between GIVE UP and RYAN TAYLOR.

after some number of years of friendship and doing design work for ryan's various bands (TEN CROWNS, THE BURDEN, BLACK COFFEE, etc), it was proposed that we do something together slightly more tangible. or at least something that was less a commissioned design and more a representation of GIVE UP art working in tandem with RYAN TAYLOR writing. the result being this 28 page zine.

featuring 11 new tracts of personal history and catharsis, interspersed with visuals designed to flow both independently as well as in context. all assembled in traditional GIVE UP form - all original content, all cut 'n paste by hand, no photoshop - and housed in a grey card cover.

as a final tribute to the GIVE UP/RYAN TAYLOR history of art and sound, as well as adding a final layer of collaborative cohesion to the project, the zine also features a downloadable audio track. with spoken word representations by ryan of his respective poems accompanied by meandering sound and instrumentation by GIVE UP aural side project HORDERS.

zine is limited to a numbered physical print edition of 50 and marks the first non-cassette release from SISSTER SSOUND. the audio is posted now and available to stream/download for FREE from both the SISSTER SSOUND BANDCAMP and HORDERS BANDCAMP pages. once the physical copies of the zines have sold out the respective bandcamp pages will change to a free stream/pay download.

available for purchase now in the GIVE UP WEBSTORE.