Saturday, March 14, 2015

cigar box attempt one

inspired by VVLAD and others that are building their own instruments (as well as those that are generating sound via non traditional means of instrumentation) i decided to try my hand at building a cigar box guitar a few months ago. i wish i would have seen that science and mechanics article from a few posts back before starting. i didn't have any plans and kind of made it up as i went, working on assumption. the action ended up much higher than anticipated, with no real means of adjustment outside of building a new bridge. but still plays well enough with a slide. i'd initially planned on making it 2 strings and had already cut the wood for the neck by the time i decided to go 3. making the headstock a little short with relation to the spacing between the tuning peg for the bottom string and the nut. the body is 1/8" birch and doesn't resonate much for size and stiffness to generate much volume. but i mounted a contact mic inside the body under the bridge to act as a pickup. so it can be plugged into an amp and resonates surprisingly well from there. definitely not my greatest achievement, but i'm pretty happy with the outcome and learned a lot for a first attempt.