Thursday, January 22, 2015


i did the art and layout for both of these BLACK COFFEE 7"s within the past couple years, it just took me until recently to get my hands on physical copies of either.

first up is the self titled ep from 2012 via DEATH EXCLAMATIONS RECORDS. this recording was also available on cassette with a live bonus track through SISSTER SSOUND.

the second 7", 'birth death birth', was released on vinyl by TREATY OAK COLLECTIVE in 2013. this one was also available on cassette, this time in the UK through CULT CULTURE. got copies of those some while back and i'm fairly certain photos have already been posted here. back cover photo courtesy of denniz trauma.

this last one has nothing to do with GIVE UP art or SISSTER SSOUND. but ryan shipped it along with the others and it's pretty cool. also has possibly my two favorite BLACK COFFEE songs so far. square lathe cut 5" from IMBALANCE ARTS.

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