Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LETHAL R & M - legion of doom CD

when i posted the cover i did for DJ RASHAD recently i remarked on how it was somewhat of an oddity for me working with acts outside of the hardcore/metal/punk genres. well. follow up is this CD for texas rap group LETHAL R & M that i just finished the full art and layout for. though maybe not so far removed in the this case considering RIBS has played/recorded/toured with IRON AGE and ANCIENT VVISDOM, etc. in any event this is RAP, the majority of which leaning strongly toward the anthemic southern style. definitely not a BOXCUTTER style rap/hardcore crossover. official street date on the album is june 18th. at which point it will be available physically as well as through bandcamp and other web outlets. until then the full album is up on youtube.