Friday, April 11, 2014


originally started this deck series project with SOUTHSIDE five years ago or so. put together the art and cashed the check, but then they ran into some problems with the woodshop/distributor. the project got put on the back burner and had all but disappeared from my memory until they contacted me a few months ago saying they were finally moving forward with it. i pulled up the old originals and, seeing them with fresh eyes, begged them to let me re-work everything. the concept was there, but 5 years later the execution had missed the mark. really happy with the final product today and super stoked to see how everything came together in hand. only 40 full sets were produced, with i believe 10 additional decks of the middle 3 sizes. from left to right, 7.7", 8", 8.1", 8.25", 8.5". a little difficult to capture the detail of the complete series without posting a ton of photos, but click either photo to enlarge and hopefully get the idea. contact SOUTHSIDE via their site HERE for ordering info. a poster print was also produced to coincide with the deck release, seen HERE.