Wednesday, March 12, 2014


this actually came in the mail several weeks ago. the task of doing justice to the contents in photos or words was just too daunting to entertain until now. the ROT IN HELL 'futsches reich' box set encompasses everything they've recorded since the 'hallways of the always' collection LP. all contained within an actual blacked out ammo box, and all with red variant covers of the original album art. i was fortunate enough to contribute a fair amount of artwork to their cause along the way. incredible to see the reinterpretation of the original presentations in this format.

the set includes 3 compact discs - all on black CDRs in stamped sleeves: the NIU live album, the two song 'a viscous joy' and 'nitsua namso eraps', and their last full length 'as pearls before swine'. the 'as pearls before swine' cdr doesn't include the original gatefold photo i shot or the insert art that i did. but they did keep the track list lettering i laid out and used one of the panels from the record release show cover that i did. a 4th black cdr is also included, though this one is actually a 5" lathe of the RIH track from the 'no peace/war' comp.

the set also includes 6 vinyl releases. the split 7" with my band HORDERS (that i also did the art and layout for), split 7" with MOLOCH, split 7" with WAYFARER, split 2x7" with INTEGRITY, and the split 6" with VEGAS. there is also another lathe, this one the 'studies in emerald' 7", that is an incredible cut on some sort of rigid transparent x-ray stock. the cover being a re-working i handled of the 4R logo.

outside of all the music, the set also came with a whole mess of other ephemera: two wax-sealed envelopes. one containing a set of RIH dog tags and an actual bullet. the other with various stickers, a set of 1" buttons, and a glossy two-sided fold out poster with the art i did for their upcoming 'ruined empire' LP. there's also a patch of the logo letters i did, screened onto camo canvas. and a flier with some more of my artwork, this time put toward their 7" on DARK EMPIRE and skateboard deck from IRON COLUMN.

i'm not sure exactly how many box sets were created. possibly only 25. in any case, chances of getting your hands on one if you haven't already are pretty slim.